At last…let’s begin!

  1. Consistent delivery of your services/programs
  2. You need a predictable process that yields a predictable output
  3. And to do that you MUST reduce variability.
  4. Your predictability grows exponentially when you do fewer things for the narrowest set of expectations

If you want your business to be more scalable (aka grow revenue without growing expenses at an equal rate) you need to dial these 4 things in.

Most service providers simply won’t grow because they do and offer too much.

Offering 3 products/services to 5 types of clients whom each need their own variation of that offering = you actually have 15 products.

Let me explain.

If you are offering 15 product/service variations, and want each one to be remarkable, you must get all fifteen right.

That is fifteen areas of potential problems.

Here’s what to aim for.

You have 1-3 products for one type of client, where each client has more or less identical needs.

Now you only need to get 3 things right.

Way simpler, right?!

It’s way easier to get 3 things perfectly right than fifteen, and far easier to fix 3 problems when they do arise.

Fewer things to fewer people = fewer variations, which = you get really, really good at what you do.

And with Fewer variations, you need fewer resources to get good results.

Do less and you achieve more.

It’s a decision you have to make and commit to.

Those that don’t reduce the variations will never achieve those 4 things.


If your growth has stalled because of this and you want to work with me and my team to help you add or remodel things to a new leveraged offering, send me an email and tell me a bit about your business…what types of clients do you serve? What is the core problem you solve for them?

P.S. Plus, whenever you’re ready, here are 4 ways I can help you grow your business:

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2) Work with me and my team privately

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