Have you ever dreaded getting out of bed?

I’m not talking about a frigid winter or a lazy Saturday morning. I mean waking up on a random Wednesday and being so discouraged with your work, you can’t stand the thought of starting your day.

It’s a terrible feeling.

Didn’t we start designing because we loved it? Didn’t we used to care? What happened to that spark?

You’ve probably asked yourself what’s wrong.

Maybe your friends and family were right—you’re not really cut out for this “entrepreneur” thing.

If you’re going to do soul-sucking work, might as well get a “real job” with a regular paycheck, right?

Well, I have good news…

You see, it’s not really your fault.

That feeling has happened to all of us. But the solution isn’t what you think. It’s not about working harder, or finding better clients, or making more money (though all of those can help).

It’s having a system. Having a process. And working towards goals.

Once you have a game-plan, it’s exciting to move your business forward. You can /feel/ the progress, and you’re excited to work every day—no matter how comfortable your bed might be.

But what system do you follow?

The answer is simple: the system someone else used to succeed.

My team and I are a great example. We built a creative agency from nothing to six figures (and beyond) in just a few years.

Why am I telling you all of this?

We succeed when you succeed, and resources like this help everyone in the entrepreneur syndicate.