I have a story to tell…

Yesterday I just did an interview with a 7-figure agency owner.

He said he can get away with working ONLY 30 minutes a week.

…Which in itself was Incredible.

However, he said something else I thought was really cool and useful.

We often hear to visualize our dreams, right?

I do it a lot actually,

…Not as an exercise, I just naturally visualize a lot.

I think it’s super powerful.

But the difference here was when at the end of the interview I asked him if there’s anything he’d like to add.

He said to visualize your business.

I thought that was interesting.

Not to visualize your dreams, but your actual business.

He expanded.

What will the business have to look like to produce the results you want?

What type of clients will you be serving?

Is it a strictly B2B professional relationship or are you going out drinking beers together?

Typing that out just reminded me of a guy I knew who used to go strip clubs with his client..

Hey whatever you want.. Visualize it.

But don’t stop with your dreams, visualize the business.

Would love to hear what comes to mind by the way.

What does your perfect business look like?