“Marketing is simple when you focus on only the few things you really need!”

The Marketing Syndicate Podcast

About the way I do marketing…

You can look at any complex topic in many ways. That’s true of marketing, as well. The way I look at it is this:

  1. People buy things when they understand that those things are valuable for them. It has little to do with marketing tactics or strategies. It’s about what you say with your marketing. Do you make people understand that your offer would be valuable for them? So, first figure out what are the most impactful things you can say with your marketing. The top 3 things you can say are your “core value message” (or value proposition).
  2. Individual tactics don’t generate sales. They need to work together to create a path that leads from first hearing of you all the way to buying. Usual sales funnels are extremely complicated. And since they’re one-size-fits-all strategies, they don’t leverage what you know or what has worked for you. So, start with a simple “conversion path” that creates consistent results.
  3. When you have your marketing set up, you can improve it with conversion optimization. Or you can focus on the things you really enjoy doing in your business. Or maybe you take more time off. As long as you stay focused on the highest-impact things in your business, you can get great results.

About the content on this site…

A few things make this site different compared to most marketing blogs:

  1. About 50% of my clients are other marketing experts, so I can’t publish the usual “5 tips on social media” type of filler content. That said, even if you’re quite new to marketing, you can use almost all the content you find here.
  2. I focus on the fundamentals that make marketing effective. I might write about how people make decisions—not just how you can influence their decisions. That is to say, I don’t focus on tactics, tools, or strategies, but rather what makes those effective.
  3. There’s no guest content, and I do my best not to share conflicting information about things. So, instead of creating more confusion around marketing, the content should clear things up. I also recommend you stop doing most of the marketing you’re currently doing. Most people already try to do too many things at once. It’s better to get a few things to work well than to get 100 things to almost work.


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